Combination Review of Cleanse Pure Premium and Slim Garcinia Premium!


Cleanse Pure PremiumCleansing and weight loss go hand in hand so, when I contacted my physician, he suggested me to detoxify first. He recommend Cleanse Pure Premium and Slim Garcinia Premium to me which I began using and I can say that I absolutely appreciate the results. They are good and my health is better than ever. In fact, my body is visually much leaner and healthier than usual and I feel great…not bloated or anything like before. Find out more about these two miraculous products here.

Step 1 – Cleanse Pure Premium

It is a dietary product (supplement) that claims to rid the body of any digestive or colon issues. It states that with its regular usage, one can easily manage the weight and colon health and keep away from any colon or digestive ailments and other colon issues like fecal irregularity, constipation etc.

Cleanse Pure Premium Ingredients

It contains herbal and natural mild laxatives, Probiotics and anti parasitical ingredients.

Functioning of Cleanse Pure Premium

The product actually works through cleansing the colon of all waste and toxins that get stuck there due to the disrupted bowel flow. It helps the gastrointestinal system in moving out the waste naturally and makes the bowel cycle regular so that no new waste accumulation problem arises. It also removes all sorts of bacterial or any other type of infection from the colon to keep it healthy.


  • *Natural and chemical free product
    *Easy usability
    *Convenient packaging
    *Online availability
    *Quick, healthy results
    *Side effect free
    *No binders or fillers or preservatives
    *100% unadulterated natural ingredients
    *Clinically proven


  • *No ingredient list
    *No retail stores make the product available

What to Expect?

  • *Healthy and regular bowel cycle
    *Improved overall health
    *Better digestive function
    *High energy
    *Relief in bowel and digestive issues like constipation, poor digestion, flatulence etc

Step 2 – Slim Garcinia Premium

This is the product that I used for effective weight loss.

More on it!

Slim Garcinia PremiumAs stated above, it is a weight loss supplement developed from best of fat busting natural super foods. It claims to prevent fat gain and keep the body slim and in shape even when there’s no exercise or diet being followed by user.

Slim Garcinia Premium Ingredients

Garcinia Cambogia is the primary component of the supplement that further is rich in antioxidants and Hydroxycitric Acid. The supplement has 60% HCA and these are all natural veggie capsules.

Recommended Dosage!

One is suggested to take 500-1000 mg before each meal daily.

Functioning of Slim Garcinia Premium

  • *This helps in improving fat burning inside the body through leading to rise in metabolism
  • *This further make one stay active for longer and prevent fat gain
  • *Breaks down fat cells and makes the body utilize the fats through energy which burns the fat stored, making the body lean
  • *Garcinia Cambogia blocks binging and fat storage by suppressing citrate lyase
  • *This reduce starch’s conversion into sugar and keeps the body from piling on fats by burning it

What to Expect?

  • *Lowered cravings and fatigue
  • *Improved energy levels
  • *Happy and uplifted mood
  • *Significant weight loss
  • *Disrupted fat storage
  • *Regulated eating habits

When to Expect?

It takes around a month and sometimes more than that.

The Verdict!

I have benefited from these two products a lot in the past 4 months and my own results are testimonial enough. I would surely get another bottle of these and would suggest others to use. In fact, if your weight is just fine but you are tired of bowel issues even then you can use the cleansing product alone for healthy results.

Side Effects?

The products are safe to use and get you no side effects.

Where to Buy?

Cleanse Pure Premium and Slim Garcinia Premium bottles can be ordered with the help of the links pasted here, for Garcinia Cambogia check here. So, claim your packs now.


DermaTend- A Natural Removal of Skin Tags


DermaTend is an effective as well as a fast natural remover of skin tags that has been designed for permanently removing of different tags on your skin. This natural cream has been made from the best of herbal and organic ingredients for creating a particularly blended cream formula. With this cream you will be able to remove any skin tag safely, quickly and very affordably and all within the comfort and privacy of your house.

Ingredients of DermaTend

The wart and mole removal cream DermaTend has all the natural kind of ingredients like sanguinaria canadensis, zinc salts, vegetable glycerin, and distilled water as well. All these ingredients are blended nicely to form the unique formula that reinforces work of your immune system by dissolving your skin tags permanently. Once the DermaTend takes care of your skin tags, then you are really left with completely new and fresh skin.

About Functioning of DermaTend

DermaTend functions through a day application for allowing the penetration of solution into your skin tissue. This cream has 3 active alkaloids that have been designed for attaching to your skin blemishes, eliminating bad tissues without creating any harm to your surrounding skin that is healthy. At the beginning of the process, the immune system of your body is alerted in a way that it will begin to send white blood cell. Once the cells will reach the blemishes, they will identify abnormal DNA in the cells and start healing your body.

Do not worry if you get inflammations

If an inflammation happens while doing this, you need not bother because it is normal at the time of healing. In course of time, skin tags may recede to the level of skin and turn them into scabs. Thus, you will have to be very patient and let the scab in healing. Once it gets healed, it usually falls off on their own and then will leave you with new fresh skin that is free of any skin tags and very healthy than before.

Indications of this cream

When you use DermaTend, within 3 days you will start noticing the result. What is more, based on the body, your skin tags will disappear completely within ten days. The best thing of this cream is that it enables faster skin tag removal. Unlike most of the surgeries, you do not need to worry of scarring while using the cream. The healing creams like Vaseline that comes along with the pack of DermaTend should be applied around your mole for preventing this to happen again. The other factor to bear in mind is in leaving the scab all alone and allowing it to naturally drop off. Any band aid can safeguard it from an accidental knock. If that scab is let to go naturally the chances of getting scar is less. You will see a bit of redness near the mole, and at times also a bit of depression in your skin which will vanish very quickly.